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At Trust Tech, we’re all about making IT as smooth as a fresh pour of concrete. When it comes to new commercial construction or renovations, architects and general contractors might nail the aesthetics, but they often overlook the critical wiring and tech setups. That’s where we shine. From finding the right ISP, wired and wireless networks to printers, phones, computers, servers, and even security solutions like access control and cameras, we’ve got your back. Our secret sauce? Years of experience and a knack for understanding the construction business inside and out. So, if you’re building or renovating, leave the tech headaches to us—we’ll make sure your digital blueprint is rock-solid from day one.


Here’s what we do:

    • Tailored IT system designs for new commercial construction and renovations

    • Seamlessly integrated wired and wireless networks

    • Sourcing and coordinating your new internet and phone service

    • Expertise in access control and cutting-edge security camera solutions

    • Collaborative support with construction partners to ensure tech success